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At The Rehab Depot you will be training with the only rehab academy in the country. As licensed General Contractors and now Consultants-we have leveraged our experience and knowledge to train, manage and teach others the right way to rehab from inside the flip project. We have made all the mistakes so that you do not have to. By joining us, you will have gained a trusted construction partner, manager and adviser. We help you focus on the day-to-day construction rehab model so you can build teams that focus on acquisitions and other business operations. Our goal is to challenge and change the way you rehab. Focus on people and process. Focus on lean machines that are profitable from day 1. Give us a call- we can work with you and your team to outline the correct path to rehab profitability.

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Rehab Consultations

We are here to help you. With 3 levels of consulting offerings, we are the partner you will need. Consulting is much more than a relationship, its a very sobering and objective approach to define your weakness’ while developing your strengths.

We have a specific delivery and customized training for each and every investors need.
Here are some of the highlights to our 6 week consulting:

1. We travel to your office
2. We will walk your properties together
3. We train you and your team
4. We offer online training
5. We offer oversight
6. We offer our REIpm platform to your company

Our packages are deliberately created. Contact us to learn about how we can help your company today!
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Rotty Rehab Academy (VIP Member)

Our one of a kind Rehab Academy features, personally crafted manuals and modules for review and execution. We have flipped thousands of properties and created a learn at your pace program that is all online. Learn from the seat of your own home and continue to evolve. You can continue to evolve, or any new employees or team members can continue to refresh their skills. Whatever your need, we are here. We focus 100% on the rehab business model. All our lessons are 100% organically created through experience.

-We have hundreds of pages of templates that can be used immediately.
-We have created dozens of videos for training sessions.
-We host live webinars with live Q&A for all our students.
-We have created a network that can be used the moment you join.
-Videos can be reviewed multiple times.

There is no other company int eh world with as much rehab content as The Rehab Depot.
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We provide techniques for efficient project management

  • Dive right into leadership and management
  • Master the art of negotiations and contractor psychology
  • Quality control and walk properties with scheduled goals
  • Line up sub trades and vendors
  • Manage the draw and lender process
  • Time management and managing GC issues and job-sites


Our boot-camps force you to analyze your current struggles. This is a real 2 day course. We will show you that your model is missing key components such as:
-Project Management
-Time Management

And so much more! Feel free to check out current schedule of events and we will see you soon!

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