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At The Rehab Depot you will be hiring one of the best teams in the country that have flipped 800 homes and walked, bid and scoped over 5,000. We operated as licensed General Contractors and now we have leveraged our experience and knowledge to train, manage and teach others the right way to rehab. We have made all the mistakes so that you do not have to and by working with us, you will gain a trusted construction partner, manager and adviser. We focus on the day-to-day construction model so you can focus on acquisitions. On our education side, we have The Rehab Lab that provides online training, monthly boot camps for Real Estate Agents and we provide one-on-one mentorship with investors to help them grow their business model.

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We solve your complex bidding and estimating

  • Walk a property
  • Price tasks based on sq ft.
  • What matters in the property in order of significance
  • How to measure
  • Control labor costs and material costs
  • Divide labor and material cost

We will teach you all the phases of rehab construction

  • Run your rehab from production phase to construction phase
  • Schedule phases and what steps come first
  • Run proper paperwork with contracts, permits and prints
  • Foresee issues and plan for risks

We provide techniques for efficient project management

  • Dive right into leadership and management
  • Master the art of negotiations and contractor psychology
  • Quality control and walk properties with scheduled goals
  • Line up sub trades and vendors
  • Manage the draw and lender process
  • Time management and managing GC issues and job-sites

We take you inside the mind of your contractor to better control

  • What a they think and why
  • How they manage the their teams
  • Their weakness
  • The contractor games they play
  • How they markup and where to look
  • Negotiate the prices you want
  • Engage the right subs
  • Keep them on track and within the time line

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